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Now it’s your turn to write: A page to let your work be seen

Heya guys!

So, here we go again. Me writing to you to help us (yes, the both of us) grow as writers. Only this time, the blog revolves around a different concept.

Now it’s your turn to write.

No, really, it’s your turn to shine. This page is to have all things dedicated to writing, and even though I’m a new blogger barely starting to take off, I want to let you know my page isn’t just buil for me, it’s for you too.


‘Cause your a writer too ya know? And you gotta start publishing sooner or later, or else you’ll never grow. That’s why I’m here, presenting you this page. That’s why this page is just for you to shine.

There will be some of my own works as well, but it will be mostly works of all my readers, followers and friends. I can’t publish a novela here, but it’ll have a good variety to begin with.

The page is going to divide in four categories. These are short stories, flash fiction, poetry and essays. The page is meant to show small works to everyone. Thus,  chose these four.

Short stories

Ok, we all have heard the term short story before, right? However, how do we write one exactly? It’s quite simple. A short story is composed by one plot, has few characters and is under ten thousand words. In other words, it’s a challange in which you have to come up with a story where an awesome character does something unexpected within the 10,000 word limit. It may sound impossible and very hard to do, but don’t worry. Just give it a shot and see how it goes, ’cause you’ll never know if you’re good or bad unless you try it.

Flash fiction

Well now, if you thought writing a short story is hard, I’ve got news for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the flash fiction genre. this genre is like a short story, with only one, itsy, bitsy small, insignificant detail. It’s 500 words or less. Yup. 500 or less. Many people say “Oh, but 500 it’s easy!” then they end up with my problem; they write too much for a flash fiction. For a college course, a professor asigned us to write 3 flash fictions. I got a C in all three for writing 800 words in each. It’s hard, and it’s because of the 500 limit. I suggest you practice first before publishing, cause it requires time, patience and perseverence to achieve it. Good luck!


Ah ha. Essays are here to. Some people may think “WHAT?” but the truth is essays are a literary genre, just not a creative one like the ones above. I know that the usual thought of essays is essays = studies, but the truth is it can be about anything. The great essayists write about the first thing that came to their minds. Essays come fron the spanish word ensayo, which means to try, an attempt. An essay, defined in simple terms of course, is an attept to explain a topic in your own words. For instance, you can make an essay about how the teachers should get  a fair salary, or you can write about a writer you like, or even about the existense of God. It can be anything, anything, as long as you do it with respect. Nevertheless, there has to be a limit cause if not my laptop will blow up. I’m going to say.. 1,000 to 1,500 words. That should be enough for an essay. If you think you need more, talk with me and I’ll see what we can do ;).


Yes, i included poetry, but not for any reason. I like poetry, but the reason I place it here is because it was the field where I started out as a writer. My first poem made me realize that writing is power, and that it changes people. Because of this, I motivate you to publish your own. There are many types of poetry, you just pick one and start writing. Sonnets, acrostic, limmerick, haikuu, free verse, you choose.

These four are the fields of writing I’m going to have in my blog. You’re more than welcome to participate! If you want your work published here, send me an email with your piece, name or pseudonym, email and website (if you have one XD). I’ll read it and if it’s good, I’ll publish it.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it the first time. You just keep trying until it’s done. The first time I published a piece I only had one reviewer. Now I have quite a few dozen. You write and send, then let time takes its course.

Well, I guess that’s everything. I’ll be customizing the page every once in a while to fill the writer’s needs. If you need anything, just let me know. I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Good luck and keep writing!