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The Purpose of writing

Today the post will be about purpose. Specifically, the purpose of writing. 

Everything we do has a purpose, a motivation, a reason to be made or done. In the writing world, the purpose is very important. You can even say it’s the essential part of all the process. Without it, you have no sense of direction, no soul, no life.

Well then, what is purpose for a writer? 

The purpose is the  why you write. When you write, your piece has two functions, to comunicate with your audience and to present an issue, a problem that needs to be solved. This problem is the what of your piece. Some writers takle this first, others do it later on as they write. 

Take in mind that these questions  need to be together, hand in hand, in order to get your purpose. One cannot work without the other as they give sense mutually. You need to know what you write to give energy to the why you write, and you need to know why you write in order to choose the  what. 

Confused? It happens. ūüėÄ

Let me give you an example. First, you can fill out the why. Why do you write? Is it to inform? To entertain? For fun? To argue or persuade? I write to entertain and to pass my ideals forward. 

Now, fill out the what. What are you writing? A novel? A story? Poetry? An essay? If it’s an essay, what type of essay? Narrative? Argumentative? Compare and contrast? I chose the novel, story, short story and flash fiction. 

There a lot of literary genres to explore, and each one has a unique role in comunication. Every one of them has a variety of tools to satisfy your purpose as a writer. Later on, I’ll do a post on the literary genres, but for now, back to the topic at hand.

You can do these steps (what and why) viceversa of course. There’s no specific order to do it. You do it the way you feel more comfortable. 

Once you have both, then you have your purpose. It may tip off more to the why, but to answer the big question you need both why and what. 

For instance, if you tell someone you’re a writer, chances are they’re gonna ask the following: 

“What do you write about? Do you write professionally, or do you do it for fun? Do you plan on doing something big?”

Your answer, if you have a purpose, should be something like this (hypothetically):

“Well, I’m writing a novel to let the world know that a broken heart is dangerous. It can a man or a woman to madness.”

It may look simple, yet it is in these questions that we demonstrate our writing purpose. It is in these that we see our audience for the first time and how well our ideas are received by the audience.

Remember, if there is no writing purpose, then our works are useless. A purpose gives sense and meaning. A purpose is the first breath of our piece. It is a part of  who we are, and we must treasure it in order to write. 

So go figure out your purpose, then start your masterpiece. 

Good luck and have fun writing!



Writing: It’s more than just words on paper

Hello guys and girls!

I know I’ve been off for a long time, but well, life in college is hard. Nevertheless, I’m back with more writing blogs and fresh ideas. So let’s begin and start reading!

Today I’m gonna write about, well, writing. But how it goes more than what we see everyday. Writing as how authors and readers see it. How this art is seen through my eyes as both reader and writer.

However, it’s a really deep topic. If you think about it, what exactly is writing? It can be composed of many things, big and small, that transform and modifies our living if ever so slightly. Writing is more than just printed words, it’s to move a human heart and soul with something you can’t see, smell, sense or hear. It’s a doorway for the mind to fly away into a new world, one that the writer’s create.

Nathaniel Hawthorne said: “Words — so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.”

In other words – haha, other words. XD Silly me. -, this means that we as writers have the power to make good and evil, beauty and ugliness, death and life, with just the words we use as we write. We are the most dangerous creators as we form the minds of those who read us and contribute to their growth and development. We can carry powerful messages and reveal truths in mysterious non-existent worlds.

That’s why in some places, some books are banned. Because they are the most dangerous weapon in humanity. This is true and proven across history. Sometimes, it’s just a word what begins a revolution, sometimes it transforms them into calls for peace.

It’s amazing what a word can do. Especially the written word. Why? Because the written word is immortal. Yes, immortal. Once a word is printed, it flies of from reader to reader and makes sure to find a home in their hearts. Furthermore, every time someone tries to destroy it, it’s all in vain, cause a new copy is out. Look at the Bible. Or the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Banned or attempted to be destroyed, yet they always come back.

Words are the reason we are alive. Everything is based on words, we just can’t see it. Yet, if you analyze it¬†deeply,¬†you can see that life is a word.¬†Just think,¬†how we would communicate with each other without words. With gestures? You know that’s the visual representation of words right? What do¬†you believe¬†sign language is? With sounds? Yeah right. And when your mind breaks it down you DON’T use words to¬†understand it. XP.

Admit it. We are words. And as writers, we are worse than everyone. We can create or destroy by manipulating words at our will. A writer (not sure who) once said  that writers are the closest thing to God. We do many things in our worlds. Then those universes are passed down to others. Slowly, a network of ideas is born.

So don’t think that being a writer is bad. Sure, they don’t get paid much, but in the end, they are the most powerful beings in existence. Don’t believe me? Search up any historical hero or icon or researcher. Almost¬†all of them wrote something. A speech, a book, an article, anything. Martin Luther King wrote one of the most important speeches for the rights of the black people in the United States. Gabriel Garcia Marquez transformed real life stories into fantastic works of both fiction and non-fiction, such as Clandestine in Chile. Plato wrote The Republic, in which he built the bases on politics as we now know.

On and on I can go with the list of writers. However, that’s homework for you. I’m more than convinced that writing is something huge, important and powerful. That’s why I became a writer. To change the world with my writing.

What about you? Do you want to change the world with your writing too?

Think about it.

Until next time,


Searching for inspiration

Inspiration can come in many ways. Sometimes it’s a word, other times a sentence or even a dialogue. Maybe you see a work of art or a beautiful picture and suddenly the idea sparks in your mind. You just have to look.

“My mother says looking is the nature of wisdom.”¬†

Annabeth, The Battle of the Labyrinth

It’s ok if you don’t know where to start. BUT, you NEED to look. Write, read, see and feel. Inspiration comes from anyplace at anytime. A song, ¬†a drink or a movie might be what you need to start your story.

That’s why you need to move around, talk to people, read a lot, write a lot, eat and drink different things and dream a lot.

By moving, you get ideas for settings; by talking, phrases for conversation; by reading, structure for your novel; by writing, the sense of creativity and freedom; by eating and drinking, food for your characters; and by dreaming, the fantastic feeling of reality for your story.

It may sound weird at first. However, as you go around searching for inspiration, you’ll get used to getting ideas for your work. You can also search in the internet for prompts, images, music and more. For those who have a low budget (like yours truly XD), the internet is a good way for inspiration alongside the daily living.

Nevertheless, the best inspiration is the one you don’t look for, the one that strikes without warning. The one that says peek-a-boo! and drives you crazy until you write it down. That’s high quality ideas, mind you.

So move on, travel the world, eat and drink and laugh and scream if you want to build your story. a good story is the fantastic version of reality. The world is your source of muses, you just have to rediscover it every day.

Well, then, I’m off.

See ya later! Have fun and keep writing!