Hide and seek with the muse

Greetings my friends!

Once again, I am sorry for my lateness and irresponsibility. It has been two long weeks of finals and I’m exhausted.

However, that does not mean that I have forgotten about you. I know that you may be irritated or have doubts, but bear with me. College life ain’t easy. Add the fact that I’m writing a novel (my very first attempt :D) and ta-da! A mess is made.

Nevertheless, here I am. After disappearing with nothing on my mind, I come back with a new post based on the most important tool of all writers: the muse.

But what exactly is the muse?

The muse is known by many names across the whole wide world. Names like inspiration, spark, purpose and so on. Regardless of it, the muse is the reason we write and the beginning of our story.

Allow me to explain. A muse can be a song, a place or even a person. It’s something that gives you ideas for writing. For instance, my muse is silence. Why? Because with silence I become eager to do something new. Something that breaks the solitary air of nothingness. Once, a friend asked me why I start my works with dialogues most of the time. I answered that with a dialogue the silence is broken and creativity flows.

Does that mean that’s the only muse in the world? Of course not! In Ancient Greece, the people thought that there were nine muses, one for each artistic area. Calliope for instance, was known as the muse for the epic stories while Thalia was the muse of comedy drama. Each of us has a different muse, we just got to find it.

But where?

Muse, muse, where are you?

The answer is simple: Everywhere. Anytime, anyplace. The writer’s muse is always wide awake, being playful and causing mischief. I say mischief because sometimes we have the idea, but when trying to pin it down in a notebook or recorder the idea flies away. However, don’t fret. Like I said, the muse comes and goes, so you never know when it will strike again.

Tools for saving ideas

Us writers have a hard time with many things. How to start writing, facing the dreaded writer’s block and more importantly, trying to keep up with our muse. Sometimes we fret because we don’t have the tools for saving such magnificent ideas in the nick of time. Nevertheless, over the time there has been not only was to interact with your muse, but a lot of tools made to save those precious ideas before they are gone with the wind. Here are the two I use most.

Tool #1: Pen and paper, notebook, notepad or apps (or anything to write on)

It’s always handy to have a pen with you. You never know when you’re gonna need it. if anything, a pen is better than paper. Why? Simple. With a pen you can write anywhere. Yes, anywhere. Paper, cards, labels, even your own skin (though this one can make you sick given time XP). the best matchup for this unique instrument is paper. In a notepad or a notebook, it’s essential for writers to have one nearby. Furthermore, there are apps made for writers. One of my favorites for the Android phone is WriterPlus.  It’s a simple app made to store ideas in a moment’s notice. It also has a night feature, so if any of you are night owls, this is your app.

Can it be more than one? Of course! I have two journals, a notebook, a notepad and the app I mentioned before. I write in all of them. The journals are for personal thoughts about life and other mysteries while the notebook and the notepad are for my creative writing. That way, no matter where I go, I can always save any idea that pops in my head. My advice is you do it too, cause you never know when you’re gonna need it.

Tool #2: Recorders

“Oh I can’t do that!”

“Why not? It’s easy. Just write the idea down and that’s it.”

“I know, but, hasn’t it ever happened to you that you have an idea, then when you’re gonna write it you have developed it so well that you forget the starting point and get lost in your own thoughts?”

This was lasts week scenario in the college café. I was talking with a friend about different stories and she told that, while she had a ton of ideas, she couldn’t write them down in time. Therefore, I made her a suggestion.

“Then why don’t you get a recorder? There are many available in different stores and there’s also many apps for the phone with the same purpose.”

You may think that a recorder is mainly for journalists or singers, but the truth is that writers can use them too. With just the press of a button, you can say all the ideas that come to your head. I have one, and I love how it just saves my life when I don’t have pen and paper. It’s an excellent, affordable and easy way to save those precious ideas. Try it out!

When the muse comes along, grasp it with all your might. Build your world, create characters and save the world from danger one word at a time. Use these tools to help you on the writing quest. Don’t fret if the muse disappears. You just keep walking the creative writing road and never stop writing.

Until next time,



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