Writer’s block returns

Ok. So, yeah. I know I didn’t post the weekly blog, but I had a lot of college work. And honestly, there was another problem. A huge problem. Remember my last post?

Well, guess what, I didn’t know what to write about. I am currently facing my own writer’s block.

Therefore, I just spent the weekend thinking about what my next topic should be. Up until know, I got nothing. (This might be due to the college work XD. Just saying…)

However, I figured out that maybe by writing I might come up with something else. This blog post may turn out smaller. Then again, my mind is in blank.

Man, this sucks.

To be empty that is. To not have the slightest idea in your head, just a vast space waiting for a word to destroy the infamous writer’s block. It’s a nightmare without an end, water stuck in a damn, air trapped inside a balloon. My creative writer wants to get out, but without a starting point, it’s useless.

My inner writer is like a racer waiting for the green flag. It’s stuck in the starting line.

Oh, the pain of having nothing to say!!

And now I’ve turned my sorrow into a poem.

One that states the horrors of the block,

the writer’s block.

A fury that devours my mind

without any warning,

pushing me into despair.

Oh, what pain! What pain!

To end this whine,

I need a caressing breeze

or perhaps a gentle flare

to guide me through the stormy rain.

Yes, all I need

is a word to begin,

a word to start.

Well, would you look at that! What an interesting poem I made here. Hope you find it good! Ok then, I’ll wrap this up for this post. This small piece is proof that you can write about anything, anytime, as long as you want to write.

Until next time! Don’t forget to keep writing!

See ya soon,



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